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A Trip Down Memory Lane

November/December 2009 • Category: Lead Story

It’s lurking in the attic, tucked away in the barn, stowed in a box in the basement …

Industry’s Brewing in North Carolina

July/August 2009 • Category: Features

The wine industry might be well entrenched in North Carolina, but there is another beverage industry that’s burgeoning: microbreweries.
Though they have only been legal — yes, legal — since 1985, there are a number of microbreweries producing a variety of beers in every region …

County Fair Happenings

July/August 2009 • Category: Happenings

2009 County Fair Happenings

Achievements & Lifestyles: May/June 09

May/June 2009 • Category: Achievements & Lifestyles

Local Farm Bureaus share notable achievements and activities from recent months …

Elements of Concern for Property Owners: Fire and Water

March/April 2009 • Category: Features

The combination of an intense statewide drought and raging wildfires last year left more than a few barren patches of land across North Carolina.

Winter Wonderland

January/February 2009 • Category: Features

If you’ve lived in North Carolina long enough, you probably have happy memories of snowy winter days. As a child, it meant a day off from school and making snowmen. As an adult, it’s a day snuggled up in front of the fireplace with a good book.
For the adventurer, it might mean a trip to [...]

Laugh and Learn

November/December 2008 • Category: Features

Children’s museums make learning seem more like playtime

The shrieks of joy, the bursts of laughter and the “ooohs” and “aaahs” ring out as many of North Carolina’s kids are playing and having fun—but wait, they’re learning too!
Whether they’re coming with their parents or siblings, or as part of a camp or school group, youngsters are [...]

Founders of Fantastic Food: North Carolina’s Famous Foods

September/October 2008 • Category: Lead Story

A cold Pepsi and a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut—most North Carolinians know those are legacy foods of their state, but beyond that, North Carolina has introduced many more unique foods. While most of these foods are well-known, not all are associated with North Carolina.
How about Texas Pete? That pistol-packing hot sauce is assumedly from [...]

Recipe of The Month: Cherry Pie

December 2005 • Category: Farm Favorite Recipe

December 2005 Recipe of The Month: Cherry Pie

Recipe of The Month: Low Country Skillet Turkey Over Creamy Grits

December 2002 • Category: Farm Favorite Recipe

December 2002 Recipe of The Month: Low Country Skillet Turkey Over Creamy Grits