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The Value of Farm Labor

Spring 2013 • Category: Commentary

Agriculture is the number one industry in North Carolina. The farm and associated agribusiness industry combined pump more than $71 billion into the economy of North Carolina annually.
That is an impressive figure, no doubt. Of that total, an important number to consider is the farm gate value. North Carolina’s farm gate value is nearly $10 [...]

Keeping Farm Bureau’s Voice Loud and Clear

Winter 2013 • Category: Commentary

North Carolina Farm Bureau meets different needs for a variety of people. For our hundreds of thousands of policyholders, we are their insurance company. To the tens of thousands of our farmer members, we are an advocate for agriculture in Raleigh and in Washington, D.C.  And still for others, we help develop their leadership skills, [...]

Weathering the Seasons

Fall 2012 • Category: Commentary

North Carolina Farm Bureau, and its members, can celebrate 2012 as we can few years in our recent past. We weathered this year’s hurricane season relatively unscathed.  Soon, we will have completed yet another campaign and election cycle. We feel fortunate to have successfully come through both!
Weather determines the fortune of Farm Bureau and our [...]

Election Season in N.C.

Summer 2012 • Category: Commentary

It’s not difficult to see that the winds of demographic change have impacted North Carolina.
The state’s population growth during the past 20 years has exceeded all expectations. After the 2012 General Election on Tues., Nov. 6, the state’s residents will experience a more urban-centered, urban-represented General Assembly.
North Carolina’s changing demographic environment is the major reason [...]

Working Together For North Carolina

Spring 2012 • Category: Commentary

Farmers and the agricultural industry have demonstrated their worthiness to the state’s economy as a load bearing wall. Without the $69.6 billion represented by North Carolina’s agriculture and agribusiness industry, the roof could very well have caved in on the rest of us during the recession.
Budgets have not only been on the minds of consumers [...]

What’s In A Name: Farm Bureau

Winter 2012 • Category: Commentary

The name Farm Bureau means something across North Carolina and the United States. Farm Bureau is synonymous with integrity, family values, honest work and a tradition of service.
In North Carolina, Farm Bureau has emerged as a powerful force for agriculture and for our rural residents. As a leader in our state, then, Farm Bureau bears [...]

New Opportunities And New Challenges

November/December 2011 • Category: Commentary

The year 2011 will go down as a challenging one for Farm Bureau—both for our farmers and for our insurance company. From the tornadoes and hail storms in the spring to the drought during the summer on to Hurricane Irene’s appearance in the fall, both industries—agriculture and insurance—took a hit.
Our farmers epitomize resilience and determination—as [...]

Healthy Farms Require Healthy Farmers

September/October 2011 • Category: Commentary

It’s been one year since North Carolina Farm Bureau launched Healthy Living for a Lifetime. To date, the initiative has provided free health screenings for more than 2,000 farmers and rural residents across 25 counties. The results have confirmed the health issues of rural North Carolina are both pervasive and severe.
Because the state’s greatest asset [...]

Insurance, Farm Policy Separate Issues

July/August 2011 • Category: Commentary

April was a difficult month for many residents of North Carolina due to the rash of severe storms and tornados that ripped through the state, claiming lives, homes and businesses.
On April 4 and 5, thunder and hail storms affected thousands of our members near or in Charlotte, Greensboro, Forest City and Hickory. Property damages alone [...]

Agriculture Exports Support 24,400 North Carolina Jobs

May/June 2011 • Category: Commentary

By the time you read this, the U.S. national debt of more than $14.2 trillion has likely shattered the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. About 95 percent of the world’s population will still be living outside of the United States. And international trading opportunities with billions in potential income at stake are still being debated [...]