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Agricultural stability threatened by ‘piling on’

May/June 2009 • Category: Commentary

The state’s agricultural industry has been called a bright spot in the dark forecast that defines today’s economy. Yet, it seems that rather than protecting and cultivating this industry …

Farm Bureau Mission Is More than Words

March/April 2009 • Category: Commentary

Farm Bureau is a legislative organization whose mission is to represent the concerns of agriculture and rural North Carolinians before our state’s General Assembly and the United States Congress.

Five reasons to feel good about Farm Bureau membership

January/February 2009 • Category: Commentary

North Carolina Farm Bureau wants its 498,834 members to rest easy with the knowledge that their association with NCFB is a good thing and something to state with pride. What follows are …

Our Option is to Persevere

November/December 2008 • Category: Commentary

Our economic situation as a nation is, in a word, serious. North Carolina Farm Bureau understands many of you are experiencing unprecedented financial challenges with your jobs, homes and businesses. Let me reassure you that …

Aggressive drivers and tractors a deadly mix

September/October 2008 • Category: Commentary

North Carolina’s population is projected to increase by more than 50 percent between 2000 and 2030. One obvious side effect …

Biofuels Not the Food Price Culprit

July/August 2008 • Category: Commentary

There is a misguided public opinion campaign under way to label biofuels as the major or sole cause of recent food spikes worldwide …